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Tooth Extractions in Mississauga

Unhealthy or damaged teeth often require simple extractions, which our dentists can perform easily at our Mississauga dental offices. We plan each extraction using modern dental technology and provide patients with everything they need to feel at ease throughout the procedure. The extraction process itself is typically quite quick and straightforward, leaving patients pleasantly surprised. Once we have completed your procedure, our dentists will discuss the best options for you to maintain your bite and smile with restorative options.

What to Expect During an Extraction

Extraction procedures are generally very quick and straightforward. Most of our time is spent on examining your teeth and planning the best way to extract the tooth. Once we have made you comfortable with a local anesthetic to fully numb the area we will be working on, our team will use modern tools and methods to gently remove your tooth.

Many patients feel very anxious about tooth extractions. If you are worried about your procedure or you have generalized anxiety or dentist-specific anxiety, you can ask our dental team about your options for sedation dentistry to help you relax.

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Have Your Simple Extractions Completed Simply & Quickly

Churchill Smiles Dentistry is pleased to be able to offer simple tooth extractions directly in our Mississauga dental offices. This is a convenient option for those who have dental injuries that require immediate extraction and those who don’t want to travel for specialist services. For more complex procedures, we can provide referrals to a dental surgeon.

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