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General Dentistry

Churchill Smiles Dentistry is a family-oriented dental practice with a focus on providing preventative care throughout our patients’ lifetimes. We can help address oral and dental needs at every stage of development and throughout any dental challenges. For every diagnosis and treatment, we offer personalized information and care, which is often supplemented by modern dental technology that helps us communicate more clearly with you. If you have questions about your family’s oral health, reach out to book your next appointment with our experienced Mississauga dentists.

Oral Exams & New Patient Exams

During your family’s regular oral examinations, our dental team will assess your oral health and update our records. We will look for signs and developments of oral issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, tooth damage, misalignments in the bite, and more. Our experienced team takes pride in delivering comfortable and informative exams that leave our patients feeling confident in the decisions they make about their oral health.
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Dental Hygiene Appointments

Each dental hygiene appointment is another opportunity to prevent oral diseases from developing now or later in life. Our experienced oral hygienists have plenty of experience in delivering treatments personalized to each patient’s specific care needs. We can provide gentle but detailed cleaning, flossing, scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatments, as well as dental sealants. We also focus on patient education, providing you with information and tools you need to easily care for your oral health at home.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are often an important step in preventing cavities. The plastic material is painted onto the teeth and hardens, forming a cavity-preventing seal over the difficult-to-reach areas of the teeth. This can help prevent tooth decay that causes cavities and other dental issues. We often recommend sealants for children after their permanent teeth erupt. Our dental team will be sure to combine sealants with other preventative techniques and education to ensure your child’s smile remains healthy as it develops.
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Dental X-Rays

Modern dental technology allows our dental care team to provide protective and preventative care, as well as more detailed and thorough diagnoses and treatments. Our clinic uses dental x-ray technology to examine and compare developments in your oral health that occur below the visible surface of the mouth. Dental x-rays use very low levels of radiation and are considered safe and effective by many national and international dental organizations. If you have questions about our dental clinic’s x-ray technology, reach out to us to learn more.

Root Canals

Injuries to the teeth or tooth roots or advanced tooth decay in the teeth can sometimes lead to bacterial infections in the tooth roots. When this happens, severe tooth pain usually results quickly, leading patients to call our offices for last-minute appointments. If this happens to you, be sure to reach out to us quickly so we can examine your teeth using dental x-rays, diagnose an infection, and perform a root canal to clear out the infected roots. A root canal procedure can leave you with a healthy, pain-free tooth, which is often the best outcome in these situations.
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Tooth Extractions

Unhealthy or damaged teeth often require simple extractions, which our dentists can perform easily at our Mississauga dental offices. We plan each extraction using modern dental technology and provide patients with everything they need to feel at ease throughout the procedure. The extraction process itself is typically quite quick and straightforward, leaving patients pleasantly surprised. Once we have completed your procedure, our dentists will discuss the best options for you to maintain your bite and smile with restorative options.

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