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Oral Examinations in Mississauga

During your family’s regular oral examinations, our dental team will assess your oral health and update our records. We will look for signs and developments of oral issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, tooth damage, misalignments in the bite, and more. Our experienced team takes pride in delivering comfortable and informative exams that leave our patients feeling confident in the decisions they make about their oral health.

Keep Your Oral Health Fully Up to Date

Our dentists know that it can be tough to work dentist appointments into your schedule. It usually feels like a “have-to” rather than a “want-to,” even if you love your dental team. However, we always appreciate being able to see patients on a regular basis because it allows us to provide the best possible level of care. Although many people associate annual or bi-annual exams with a cost, you can look at it as an investment in your future, both because you’ll maintain your health and because you will likely avoid costly restorations thanks to preventative care.

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We are here to keep Churchill smiling! Our team is ready to put modern dental technology to use for you. When you visit, be sure to ask about our imaging tools and how they aid us in delivering more timely, personalized, and cost-effective care. Call our friendly team of administrators to book your next oral examination today!

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Dental Hygiene Appointments

Dental Hygiene Appointments in Mississauga

Each dental hygiene appointment is another opportunity to prevent oral diseases from developing now or later in life. Our experienced oral hygienists have plenty of experience in delivering treatments personalized to each patient’s specific care needs. We can provide gentle but detailed cleaning, flossing, scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatments, as well as dental sealants. We also focus on patient education, providing you with information and tools you need to easily care for your oral health at home.

Better Oral Hygiene, Better Oral Health!

Although having your teeth cleaned by our professional dental hygienists always helps your smile look and feel great, it also protects your smile from many of the issues that occur as a result of tooth decay caused by tartar. Over time, substances on your teeth (such as plaque) build up and harden into tartar. No matter how hard you brush, only a trained dental hygienist can help remove the build-up. That’s why it’s incredibly important to your oral health to see us about once every six months for an appointment; at each visit, we’ll be protecting your future wellbeing.

Our Team of Dental Hygienists

Every time you stop in to see our oral hygienists for a quick and thorough cleaning, we work hard to ensure that you leave feeling refreshed and at ease. Our dental hygienists have years of training and experience in smoothing out all of the surfaces on your teeth. We encourage you to see us regularly so we can stay up to date with changes to your life, dental health, and dental hygiene routine.

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