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Dental Fillings in Mississauga

Our dental offices in Mississauga are dedicated to helping patients prevent and treat tooth decay efficiently and cost-effectively. We provide both composite and amalgam fillings, offering patients all the information they need to make decisions about their fillings and overall oral health. Amalgam fillings are often chosen for inconspicuous locations of the mouth that require resilient material, while composite filling may be chosen for more visible areas of the mouth.

Keeping Cavities at Bay

Fillings are both preventative and restorative; they restore a tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay to its full strength, while also blocking off the cavity from other bacteria and build-ups that can cause further decay. However, prevention starts even before a filling. Tooth decay occurs in stages, so we can monitor the levels of tooth decay in various parts of your mouth and help you understand how to brush and floss most effectively.

Fight Tooth Decay Before it Becomes More than Tooth Decay

Cavities are never nice to have, whether you are a child or you have had your teeth for many decades. However, it is very important to take care of cavities with dental fillings as soon as possible. Leaving them can cause additional painful and costly dental issues, such as tooth infections that require root canals. Be sure to stay up to date on your oral examinations so our dentists can keep tabs on your teeth and provide fillings when cavities are still small and relatively harmless.

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Dental Services

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays in Mississauga

When a full restoration such as a dental crown isn’t warranted, but a partial restoration such as a dental filling won’t offer enough strength, inlays and onlays can provide an “in-between” solution that is durable, beautiful, and perfectly fit to your teeth. Inlays and onlays replace the chewing (occlusal) surfaces of the molars and premolars and are cemented in place by our dentists in Mississauga. If you require restorations after a root canal treatment or damage to your teeth, ask our dentists about inlays and onlays.

Finding the Perfect Fit, Every Time

Although dental fillings and dental crowns cover most of the restorative needs for natural teeth, there are some occasions when the former is not quite enough and the latter is too much. To get the right fit, we may recommend inlays and onlays. This ensures patients receive the most durable, well-fitted, and cost-effective restorations each time they see us.

Get Seamless Partial Restorations

If you have a large cavity, damage to your teeth, or you have had a root canal, we may recommend that you have an inlay or onlay placed. An inlay fits between the cusps (raised ridges) of your molars, while an onlay extends out to the cusp. Whichever you need, our dentists will ensure you receive a comfortable fit and a beautiful restoration. Ask us today about any teeth you are concerned about, including cracked or chipped teeth.

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