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Fixed Dental Bridges in Mississauga

Traditional bridges are fixed (non-removable) appliances that can help a patient overcome tooth loss. To create a traditional bridge, our dentists will secure an artificial tooth between two dental crowns, which are placed onto the healthy natural teeth (also called abutment teeth) on either side of the gap. This creates a practical and comfortable solution that often lasts for many years without requiring replacement.

Other Types of Bridges Our Dentists Can Create

Although traditional bridges are the most common type, our dentists can design various other bridge structures to fill in gaps in your teeth. For example, if you have only one tooth available as an abutment tooth, we can create a cantilever bridge secured on only one side. On the other hand, a Maryland bridge can be crafted as a less invasive alternative that uses the natural teeth as abutment teeth. We can also place bridges on supporting dental implants.

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Keeping Your Smile Strong and Healthy

A lasting, functioning smile is possible for virtually everyone thanks to modern dental restorations. Fixed bridges are one of the most common restorations our dentists provide for patients. If you have experienced tooth loss, ask our dentists about how resilient, comfortable, and cost-effective fixed dental bridges can be.

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