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Dental appliances may be recommended by our dentists to help protect your teeth and maintain your oral health at home. Our appliances are constructed from high-quality dental materials designed for a customized fit in a professional dental laboratory. If you or your dentist are concerned about ongoing or potential damage to the teeth and mouth, book your consultation to have a customized dental appliance created.

Night Guards

Nighttime teeth grinding is often connected to a condition known as bruxism, which causes the jaw to become overactive. This typically occurs during sleep and can be difficult to treat. Our dentists will most often recommend a dental appliance to reduce pressure on the teeth and jaw joints caused by bruxism.
night dental guard for woman recommended
sports mouth guards

Sports Mouth Guards

In any sport, it’s important to focus on playing to the best of your abilities, which often means putting your own wellbeing at risk. However, like any great sports equipment, sports mouth guards are designed to minimize that risk so athletes can play a great game and be protected in case of impacts or falls. A well-constructed sports mouth guard designed by dentists can provide significant protection for the entire head and neck region.

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