Teeth Whitening Services in Mississauga

Although many over-the-counter products can remove basic staining and slightly bleach the teeth, there is nothing quite like the action of a dentist-provided solution. Our take-home whitening kits have more bleaching power, offering a faster process and better results, usually within just ten days. For an even faster process, patients can visit our dental offices in Mississauga for professional teeth whitening delivered by our dentists and dental hygienists.

Whitening the Way to Your Next Event

An upcoming event can make you nervous, and there’s nothing quite as bad as checking the mirror before you head off to the event and realizing your outfit really underscores the discolouration of your teeth. In-office teeth whitening services at Churchill Smiles Dentistry can have your smile touched up in no time! You can have whiter teeth in as little as 1-3 appointments that take less than an hour each. Book now to get your whitening in time for your next big event!


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Woman after teeth whitening treatment

Stay Strict with Tooth Staining

Your teeth will eventually become stained and discoloured again, even after a great oral hygiene appointment and in-office whitening appointment. Many of our patients like to take home whitening kits they can use at home while they sleep. Our custom whitening kits include a highly effective peroxide gel, customized whitening trays, and everything else you need for a quick, mess-free touch-up for your teeth. Call to learn more today or ask us about whitening kits at your next appointment.